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How to get money for free: on the Internet + for free + for free

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Surely each of us asked himself a question: how to get good money for free. If you are concerned about this topic and you are looking for an additional way to earn money, then all the previously tried methods did not suit you.

However, do not lose heart, everything is in your hands. After reading this article, you will find the answers to your questions and, if you wish, you can get funds for free. The main thing is to decide how much money is needed. And which way of earning do you choose.

How to get money for free

Today there are several ways, using which you can get free cash assistance. However, there is one rule: the amount of funds received is directly proportional to the efforts that you spend to get what you want.

The advantages of such work are obvious: a free work schedule and lack of bosses. Some types of earnings can become a source of income that can provide not only you, but also your family. So, we list and describe the methods of obtaining cash.

Bank card

How to get money for free

If you want to get good money for free on a bank card, setting a cashback rate will be a smart decision. Cashback is understood as such a service, which implies a refund of part of the purchase price.

You should decide which products you most often purchase in which retail chains and find a financial institution that provides attractive cashback conditions.


money for free

Some online earning sites on the Internet offer a withdrawal of money to the balance of the phone. For example, you can register on the earnings exchange on clicks. The action algorithm is simple. For each click on an advertising banner, a certain amount is credited to a registered user.

There are also advanced services where you need to complete tasks. They can become a source of additional income.

Some online sites replenish the phone numbers of users who provide them with their personal data. Cash reward is credited to the account immediately. But after a while you get a bunch of spam.

Free money on a smartphone can come for completing tasks. For example:

  • view ads
  • visiting an online resource
  • community registration
  • Install a plugin or program.

In addition, some mobile operators hold promotions encouraging their regular customers. The operator notifies the subscriber via SMS. And indicates the conditions for receiving remuneration.

IMPORTANT! When deciding to find a way to get funds on your phone, beware of scammers. Weigh the pros and cons of such earnings.


money for free

You can get free money on the Internet, where many web resources are presented. Beginners in this area of ​​earning go to service sites. And there they are paid a reward for completing the simplest tasks.

These include:

  • likes
  • viewing ads
  • comments
  • clicks on banners

Some online stores conduct public relations campaigns in the hope of finding new customers. By subscribing to the newsletter of such a site and looking at the product catalog, you can get a cash reward.

You can also participate in promotions and competitions. Perhaps you will become a happy winner of the prize. As a rule, the results are announced at the time specified in the conditions and the winner receives a reward.

Another way to earn money is to enter captcha, that is, special characters. However, please note that money will not be credited for incorrectly completed forms.

money for free

You can also get free money, without investment, on clicks. Click sponsors drive advertisers and users who want to make money on clicks.

To earn money you need to look at a web resource, wait a bit and get funds in auto mode. Thus, earnings on the Internet without investments are carried out for the following actions:

  • Surfing the internet. You need to follow the link to the site, wait a while and very soon you will be credited with funds. There are two types of web surfing: manual and auto surfing. In the first case, confirmation of viewing the link is required (enter captcha). And in the second – this action is carried out automatically.
  • Accomplishment of tasks. For completing one task, you can get from $ 0.01 to $ 0.1. Tasks can be of such a plan. Take the test, write a review on the product, look at the site, register on the forum, etc.

To make money on the Internet grow, work on several similar sites at once. Because the number of provided advertising links per day is limited. One more recommendation: you can not wait for the end of the page timer. By following the link of one exchange, you can, without wasting time, follow the link of another, etc. This, in fact, is the work.

Internet axle boxes

Type in the search engine the phrase “Internet buks” if you are interested in this type of earnings.

Tip: register on several similar sites at once. This will allow access to the database of tasks. Choose the ones you like.


Not sure how to get money for free? You can earn money through webinars, if you are versed in any field, you have a desire to teach others about this and oratory.

To gather an online audience, you need to conduct an advertising campaign, proving that the video course is worth the requested funds. Webinars are held both online and in recording.


If there is a medical facility nearby that takes blood and you are healthy, you can get some money. The maximum that is enough is to eat in a cafe.

Less: cash rewards are too little to solve financial problems.


There are many freelance exchanges on the Internet where you can earn money. On such web resources you can even work on an ongoing basis. You can get good money for free on some exchanges that have affiliate programs. That is, you get money for attracting people. But only those who click on your referral link. And they are registered on the freelance exchange with the goal of the same earnings.

Some failed freelancers believe that making money on the Internet is impossible. However, it is not. The income depends on the efforts made and can amount to several thousand rubles daily.

Watch video

In order to promote services and products, advertisers need video views. Therefore, they go to all kinds of exchanges, displaying their video files for viewing for money. To receive a cash reward, you need to watch the video.

Consider this method of earning on the example of the American project TrafficMonSoon. This service is similar to the PaidVerts site in the way of viewing ads. First you need to view 10 free ads, and then the user can view ads, the price per view of which varies from $ 0.001 to $ 0.02.

Perhaps the main advantage of this project is the income from referrals: you can get 100% of the earnings of your referrals. If, for example, your friend becomes a referral. It will work as much time as you, looking through announcements, then you will receive another $ 0.2 per day. Then the daily earnings will be $ 0.4 already.

Another great advantage of this project is the provision of excellent conditions for advertising their projects for loans that can be earned by clicking on this site.

Thus, there are the following ways to make money in the service:

  • Surfing. Browse a couple of advertisements, get one credit to display referral links or your own site.
  • View ads (Claim button). Every day 5 links will come, the cost of viewing which is 2 cents. But this is possible only if yesterday browsing at least 10 sites in auto-surfing (click on the Start Surfing button). During the day, links with a cost of 1 cent will also appear.
  • Referral deductions. This project is different in that there is a high referral percentage, which is all 100%. Therefore, by inviting as many people as possible, you can make good money.

Unlike other similar projects, TrafficMonSoon allows users to earn money at home, sitting at the computer. Due to the 100% referral system and earnings on your own clicks. You can withdraw earned funds through PayPal, Payza and SolidTrustPay payment systems. The minimum withdrawal amount on the service is TrafficMonSoon $ 2. As you can see, earnings without investments are possible.

Writing Articles

One of the most popular types of earnings on the Internet is writing articles. And this is not at all surprising, because for filling sites you need content that is ordered from copywriters. Take a look at copywriting exchanges, where orders are placed and given to the performers. Sometimes it’s not easy for beginners to break through. However, do not worry, even in such a competitive fleet there are loopholes through which you can squeeze through.

Cash compensation depends on the skill of the copywriter. Search for orders can be carried out on copywriting exchanges. For example, Etxt and Advego. Register for them, or submit ads on the Internet. You can also achieve success in finding customers by creating your own website or blog.

At first, the newcomer will work at low prices, creating a customer base and gaining invaluable experience. These are years of practice and development. It will take a lot of time to get skills and build a client base.

A copywriter should have the following skills:

  • ability to sell oneself;
  • ability to understand a new topic;
  • knowledge of SEO principles;
  • the ability to communicate with the customer and ask him questions on assignment to satisfy all his expectations;
  • ability to express thoughts;
  • understanding of the tasks that should be reflected in the text;
  • vocabulary.

Some experienced copywriters create video courses, organize webinars, helping beginners get the necessary skills and understand all the nuances of freelance. Over the years, prices for services are growing. Higher-rated performers get much more for their work than beginners. With improvement in this area, patience and perseverance, you can make this method of earnings the main one.

Hair sale

If you are the owner of luxurious hair, you can get free cash assistance.

Conditions for receiving hair – the length of the hair and the absence of paint on the surface. Prices are different everywhere, so study your options in advance.

Sale of video courses

Today, video courses are in great demand. They allow you to learn or improve in any field. As a rule, discs are sold on the Internet using affiliate programs, a web resource or a blog.

Participation in the experiment

A person agrees to participate in the experiment by signing a document before going through the procedures. Its signature means that they will not be presented with any claims in the event of consequences.

Remember that participation in the experiment is a highly paid, but at the same time dangerous form of earnings. The result of intervention in the human body can be causing great harm to health and even death.

Online Games

Another area of ​​earnings is online games, playing in which you can get money. There are many such games on the Internet. When a player manages to earn money, when luck is not on his side.

Some pay constantly, others delay payments to players. In order not to waste valuable time in vain, use the resource-aggregators of such games. They monitor the status of games in real time, and players themselves can evaluate their reliability by leaving a positive or negative review.

Social networks

Today, almost everyone has an account on social networks. One sits on Vkontakte, the second likes Odnoklassniki, the third prefers to look at Twitter. Any user registered on the social network can perform simple tasks and receive cash rewards.

The tasks are as follows:

  • make a repost
  • add to friends
  • join the group
  • like a photo or video.

This type of earnings is suitable as part-time work for moms on maternity leave, students, disabled people, etc.

There are a number of communities in social networks that organize contests and give away prizes. Promotions can be any. For example, an online store may raffle certain products from its range to the user. Sometimes money is at stake. In order not to miss a freebie, stay tuned for updates of such groups.

Help from loved ones and friends

You can get free money by contacting relatives. Of course, you can borrow from them for a certain period of time. For example, before salary.

However, sometimes you can count on free help. The main thing is to prove the importance of solving a financial problem. For example, if you need financial support for treatment or a wedding, most likely native people will help.

State assistance

State funds are received by the unemployed, pensioners and other categories of citizens. However, not everyone is aware that money can be obtained from the state when purchasing real estate.

A tax deduction is created for all who pay personal income tax. Its size is 13% of the amount not exceeding 2 million rubles. Therefore, when buying an apartment over 2 million rubles, and paying the entire amount at once, you have the right to a deduction in the amount of 260 thousand rubles.

If you take real estate in a mortgage, a tax deduction from the amount of up to 3 million rubles. to repay interest on the loan. It will amount to 390 thousand rubles. Thus, the tax deduction, together with the deduction for the repayment of credit interest, can reach up to 650 thousand rubles.

To take advantage of government payments, you should ask for a 2-NDFL certificate from an accountant at your place of work and file a 3-NDFL declaration. With these papers, documents for the apartment and passport, you need to contact the Department of the Federal Tax Service.

Can I get money for free?

Today on the Internet there are a lot of fraudulent sites, which you won’t get money for free , no matter how hard you try. We list only some of the consequences:

  • the site disappears;
  • after they have earned the minimum established amount of cash, it is not possible to withdraw it;
  • at one stage you will find out that in order to receive a monetary reward you need to bring some more friends and wait until they earn a certain amount of money;
  • To withdraw funds, you need to send an SMS message to an unknown number.

There are many methods of deception. Therefore, it is better not to mess with unfamiliar Internet sites, just waste your time. It’s unrealistic to make money on such sites. How much you can earn on popular and trusted sites without attachments – it all depends on your patience and determination.

Once again, we note that all of the above methods of making money on the Internet will not bring big income. Although it is possible to earn up to $ 100 per month. You will perform the simplest tasks – you can earn, you won’t – you will not see a monetary reward. Also at such sites you can get passive income through your referrals. By inviting people through your referral link, you are guaranteed + 10% of their monthly earnings. Referrals will click, and you will receive money for this work.

Of course, we have listed and briefly described the most popular ways to receive money. You will only need high-speed Internet, the desire to work, free time, an antivirus for your own safety and vigilance so as not to fall into the scammers’ bait.

To summarize

Now you know how to get money without much effort and without investment. Of course, it is unlikely that you can provide for yourself and your family, however, if you want to, anything is possible. Using just a few of the options described, you can get a small income on your phone, e-wallet or in cash.

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