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Top 10 best cult fashion magazines

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The world of fashion has long gone beyond the scope for a modern audience. There are a lot of fashion literature. Numerous fashion shows are held annually throughout Europe, which in fact determine all the current trends that modern youth pay attention to. Fashion magazines are a tool to attract a new audience. This is the main engine that helps people become familiar with what new designers have come up with.
With the advent of the Internet, magazines have ceased to have a huge impact, because today every self-respecting publication necessarily has a digital format. However, the most popular fashion houses continue to print paper format and it’s very good to make money on it. Let’s mark the top 10 of the best cult fashion magazines.

Harper’s bazaar

The magazine first appeared in America. 
The annual circulation is 700,000 copies, which allows the company to earn good money extra. 
The chief editor is Glenda Bailey. 
The magazine has repeatedly received the title of “super stylish.” 
Today, Harper’s Bazaar is available in 32 countries, and translate it into 25 languages. 
The material is dedicated not only to fashion, but also to the general way of life of people, style, design. 
Very simple, interesting for a wide audience (not exclusively for fashionistas).

Teen vogue

It should be noted that the main audience of this magazine is teenagers. 
The first issue was published back in 2003. 
The main magazine is Vogue. 
The theme and cover is always consistent with the main representative. 
Orientation – fashion, style (adolescents really love it in Europe). 
Each issue necessarily has its own guest – a celebrity who is given a full interview (what does he wear, what does he use, and so on). 
Amy Astley is editor in chief. 
Teen Vogue publishes over a million magazines a year and sells worldwide.


An interesting name, which is a kind of marketing. 
“ELLE” is translated as “her”, “she”. 
The origin of the word french. 
In principle, for the first time ELLE was published in this country in 1945. 
ELLE is the largest fashion magazine in the world. 
To date, he has 43 publications abroad, which are active in 60 countries. 
Almost a million readers are actively buying magazines, using the online version.


Another American fashion project. 
The first edition is 1939. 
The magazine’s first title was: Glamor of Hollywood. 
There are 15 Glamor editions in the United States today. 
The editor-in-chief is Cynthia Leave (a very experienced housewife who is loved locally). 
The main audience Glamor considers girls from 18 to 50 years old. 
The magazine constantly discusses not only fashionable ideas, but also style, women’s issues, causing special interest. 
More than 2 million copies are released by the project annually.

Vanity fair

American magazine. 
The main feature of the project is that initially it was not released with a certain frequency. 
Only in 1983, the chief editor decided that Vanity Fair is a constant and multifaceted project that has work to do. 
The first issue falls on 1859 (in the main office it is completely preserved). 
This is not just a fashion magazine. 
The journalistic project touches on many topics, based on, of course, fashion. 
The annual turnover is more than a million. 
It was the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair who once launched the party for the Academy Award.

Marie claire

The birthplace of the project is France. 
Monthly pages of the magazine are being compiled in the capital, Paris. 
35 states receive Marie Claire parties. 
Translate it into 24 languages. 
The project is particularly successful throughout Europe. 
The magazine first appeared in 1937. 
In 1982, the magazine went beyond France (the first batch was sold in Germany in the local language). 
Today, the chief editor is Arno de Contades. 
He travels a lot around Europe and regularly attends fashion shows. 
The magazine is printed more than 1.5 million times a year, which provides tremendous profitability.


From the current list, GQ is the most unique magazine. 
Fully designed for men. 
Established in 1957 
Publish GQ once a month. 
The central office is in New York. 
GQ topics are in great demand, since not only fashion is discussed here, but also food, style, sport, culture. 
The audience is up to 40 years old. 
Young men are very fond of motivation, trying to grow and work on themselves. 
Today, GQ is released in 25 countries of the world, this is a real standard for modern men.


Launch date is 1971. 
Despite the enormous age, the W project remains one of the most sought after. 
The magazine sells very well, but its main feature is that W is designed exclusively for an expensive audience (for women with a high level of income). 
The editors publish a magazine every month. 
Annually, owners sell more than half a million copies a year. 
Given that the price of the magazine is significantly higher than that of its competitors, W is simply collecting huge amounts of money.


One of the most famous fashion magazines in the world. 
Cosmopolitan was founded in 1886. 
Initially, the editors formed a purely literary magazine. 
Cosmopolitan was first seen as a female fashion project in 1965 (USA). 
To date, the magazine has 64 publications in various countries. 
It is translated into 35 languages ​​of the world, sold in more than 100 countries. 
Cosmopolitan focuses on fashion, but the magazine has a lot of different topics (career, sports, health and much more).

1 Vogue

If you were looking for the best fashion magazine, Vogue is it! 
One of the oldest and most experienced magazines in the world. 
Vogue is published monthly today. 
The editor in chief is Anna Wintour (a very famous personality in the fashion world).
Fashion is a particularly popular topic that many people pay attention to daily. 
We have indicated the rating of the best fashion magazines, which you should definitely pay attention to. 
Real professionals are working on these projects.

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