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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2021

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People start dogs, guided by their preferences, and each owner considers his own dog to be the best breed. And this is correct, because any of them has its undeniable advantages and can claim the right to be called ideal.

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020
Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020

Let’s figure out which breeds of dogs were included in the list of the best and by what criteria such ratings are made.

What makes the breed popular?

Interest in a particular breed is influenced by several factors. The most important of them:

  1. Appearance and coat length. In countries with hot climates, short-haired or hairless dogs with a long muzzle are considered ideal. Where it is cold and damp for most of the year, shaggy breeds with a thick undercoat are popular.
  2. Sizes. The townspeople consider tiny dogs to be ideal, which do not take up much space and can walk in a tray or on a diaper. Rural residents, on the contrary, prefer to see next to them large dogs capable of performing guard functions.
  3. Character and temperament. Friendly and playful dogs like Goldens or Labradors are ideal pets for families with children. People leading an active lifestyle have hardy shepherd dogs or Dobermans, able to keep company on a bike ride or on a hike. And glamorous young ladies are in demand for decorative breeds like Yorkies or Chihuahuas.

Therefore, the ratings of the best dog breeds are not entirely objective. Popularity is influenced even by such an unexpected factor as television.

So, after the premiere of the film “Lassie Returns Home”, people have increased interest in Scottish Shepherds.

And the Shaggy Dog tape made bobtails popular.

Top 10 best dog breeds

Many breeds claim to be the “best dog in the world”. But most often those who have more fans get into it.

In 2020, the ranking of the best breeds included:

Yorkshire Terrier

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Yorkshire Terrier
Photo by Adrianna Calvo on

The breed was developed in the United States and was first mentioned in 1872. Due to their unusual appearance and diminutiveness, the dogs quickly spread throughout the world and gained immense popularity.

Owners of beautiful soft wool and expressive black eyes resembling shiny buttons differ in tiny sizes and weigh no more than 3.2 kg.

The hair of Yorkies is similar in structure to human hair, making them ideal pets for allergy sufferers.

Despite the toy appearance, dogs are endowed with all the qualities inherent in terriers, and can claim the title of the best dogs.

Curious and playful Yorkies love an active pastime and get along with children. But the child needs to explain how to handle a small pet.

Brave and tireless dogs cannot stay alone at home for a long time. Tiny dogs need special attention and are ready to accompany their owners everywhere.


Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Chihuahua
Photo by musicFactory lehmannsound on

The breed was formed in natural conditions practically without human participation. Its homeland is the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and the history goes back more than one century.

The tiny dog ​​weighs no more than 3 kg and has an unusual head, the shape of which resembles an apple. Its pretty appearance is complemented by huge eyes and triangular erect ears. The dog’s coat can be short or long.

Both types of cover do not require complicated care and regular visits to the groomer. A small contender for the title of an ideal dog is endowed with a calm, balanced disposition, which makes him especially popular among residents of megacities.

Despite being diminutive, the dog can be cocky and stubborn. In order for only the best qualities to manifest in a chihuahua , it needs to be raised like any other dog.


Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Dachshund
Photo by Binyamin Mellish on

This breed belongs to the group of hounds. The dachshund was used to hunt badgers, foxes and other burrowing animals. The breed is easily recognized by its stretched body on short legs and long, drooping ears.

Depending on the size, dachshunds are standard, dwarf and rabbit. According to the type of hairline, they are divided into smooth, long and wire-haired.

Dachshund is a good companion for any family, which makes it incredibly popular. Her best qualities are loyalty, playfulness and courage. True, a little hunter can be stubborn and overly independent. To make the perfect companion from a dog, you need to deal with it.

Dachshund loves to chase birds and small animals. Therefore, while walking around the city, it is better to keep it on a leash.


Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Poodle
Photo by Poodles 2Doodles on

This cool curly-haired dog was bred in France and is the pride of the country. It was originally used as a hunting assistant and pulled game out of the water. Artistic poodles with an extravagant appearance and playful character are now very popular as companion dogs.

The curly-haired, non-confrontational intellectual does not show aggression towards strangers and does not tolerate dismissiveness. The mischievous restless dog will become the master’s best friend.

He loves to fool around and will gladly take part in children’s pranks. The dog instantly understands what they want from him, and quickly learns new commands. Therefore, even a novice dog breeder can achieve perfect obedience from a poodle. His frizzy coat sheds only once in a lifetime, but needs to be trimmed regularly.


Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Doberman
Photo by Victor Cayke on

The breed was developed in the 19th century by a German tax collector named Dobermann, who needed the perfect service dog to accompany him on his rounds. As a result of long-term selection work, he managed to get a fearless dog with pronounced makings of a guard and a bloodhound.

Doberman is now considered the best dog for the police service. True, this does not prevent him from coping with the role of an ideal pet and companion for active walks.

Insightful and infinitely loyal dogs are endowed with high intelligence and a difficult character. Vigilant dogs are distrustful of strangers and are considered one of the best watchmen.

Scottish setter gordon

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Scottish setter gordon
Photo by Michael Hölzl on

The breed was bred at the beginning of the XIX century in a nursery owned by the family of the Duke of Gordon. Black & Tan Scottish Setters are ideal hunting dogs. Hardy dogs have excellent instincts and are well suited to work in any terrain.

Setters easily adapt to living quarters, but require increased physical exertion. Intelligent, obedient and calm Scots are well trained and can claim the title of the best family dog.

Non-aggressive, friendly and docile pets will become versatile companions for hunting enthusiasts and ideal companions for outdoor enthusiasts.


Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Husky
Photo by Kateryna Babaieva on

These best sled dogs were bred by the Chukchi who lived in northeastern Siberia. For a long time, dogs of this breed were used to transport light cargo over long distances.

Now hardy and beautiful dogs with a thick odorless coat are bred as companions and pets. At the same time, people often forget that an apartment is not the most ideal place to live for energetic and cheerful huskies.

Representatives of the breed need regular physical activity and, in the absence of long walks, begin to entertain themselves on their own by damaging the owner’s property. Freedom-loving huskies are prone to escaping and cannot serve as an example of perfect devotion.

Samoyed Like

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Samoyed Like
Photo by Helena Lopes on

The breed appeared more than three millennia ago. It was formed in natural conditions and was named after the ancient nomadic Samoyed tribe. Fluffy dogs with perfect white hair were used not only for team work, but also for guards. With universal Samoyeds, they hunted bears and walruses.

Shaggy natives of the Far North ideally adapt to any climate and can live in apartments with long-term walking. Samoyed huskies got into the list of the best dogs not only because of their attractive appearance, but also due to their wonderful nature.

Affectionate and loyal, the breed loves children and rarely speaks.

Cane Corso

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-Cane Corso
Photo by Marcus Christensen on

The direct descendants of the fighting dogs of Ancient Rome have long been considered the best helpers of man. They are capable of performing well the functions of a watchman, bodyguard and companion.

Strong and hardy Cane Corso are endowed with an active temperament and difficult disposition. Dominant and domineering dogs of this breed are not the most ideal dogs for inexperienced owners.

They will become faithful friends and reliable defenders for strong-willed people with a strong character. Brave and harsh Cane Corso get along well with children and, with appropriate upbringing, will be the best nannies and play partners for the master’s kids.

German Shepherd

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds in the World in 2020-German Shepherd
Photo by Skitterphoto on

Smart, hardy and loyal natives of Germany are considered ideal service dogs. German Shepherds are not too large, harmoniously built animals with a keen eye and good posture.

They have high intelligence, well-developed protective instincts and good sense. Attentive and quick-witted Germans are better than the rest of the breeds in coping with the police and search services.

Universal dogs are friendly to children and, with proper upbringing, will become ideal companions on long walks.

It is impossible to determine exactly which of the breeds is the best. Each of them is good in its own way and deserves the right to be considered ideal. Therefore, when choosing a future pet, it is more reasonable to take into account your requirements, rather than focusing on popularity ratings or fashion trends.

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